Although there was some speculation  that the 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Alloy Gullwing could fetch as much as nine million, the vehicle eventually sold for a highly creditable  $6.8 million (record price for any Gullwing sold at auction) making it  the undisputed star of RM Sotheby's Annual Arizona Sale held at the  Biltmore Resort & Spa in Phoenix,  in the last week of January 2022.

Reckoned to be the optimum version of this ultimate collector's car still in existence, this extremely rare Gullwing is one of just 29 that were produced entirely in aluminium -giving the vehicle the title "Leichtmetallausführung", or Light Metal Version, to non-German speakers

The Alloy bodied Gullwing was developed with the sole purpose to compete in track events and competitions.

The lightweight Gullwing was configured entirely differently from the steel-bodied production car. The most significant difference was that the vehicle weighed in at around 1.47 tons, approximately 209 pounds less than 300SL's standard version.

This factor, combined with its famous overhead cam NSL engine, factory tweaked to provide an additional 20 bhp over the standard 216bhp version, combined to make the Alloy Gullwing an almost unbeatable rival against the majority of competitors in its class.

To improve road holding, the 300SLwa fitted with specially engineered centre-mount wheels from Rudge of Austria as well as vented front brake drums, special springs and shocks all of fitted as standard.

The Mercedes Benz 300SL Coupe's interior is far from spartan, finished in Silver Gray metallic paint to match the exterior, while the seats and trim are finished in a mixture of blue gaberdine topped with blue vinyl.

Other cabin features are a speedometer capable of recording speeds of up to 160 miles per hour (270-kph), a top of the range Becker radio, and glass windows, apart from Plexiglas used on the steel bodies version.

The Alloy Gullwing was put up for sale by a private owner, who purchased the vehicle in 2014 from Hyatt Cheek, the well-known avid collector and former president of the Gullwing Group, the 300 SL owners club.

The vehicle, imported into the US in 1974, underwent a minor restoration the following year, remaining in private hands until 1982. It was then that the Gullwing was acquired by Cheek, who showed the car at prestigious classic car events throughout North America.

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