Only the most knowledgeable of classic car enthusiasts will be aware of the Hebmüller T14, or to those really in the know- the Radclyffe Roadster.

Only around 100 of the less than 700 produced during the late Forties and early Fifties in West Germany are still beleived to be in circulation.

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 While  restorers are happy to unveil their restored classic with a whole new colour scheme, while there are always those who want to preserve the vehicle's authenticity by respraying the car in its original colour,

They should know that matching paint colours is no easy task, and  an expensive restoration can wind up looking like a patchwork quilt.

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Nothing causes more anxiety when the engine of a gleaming classic begins to vibrate and knock, most often without warning.

All the warning lights in the world cannot prepare the driver for such an alarming experience.

An engine suddenly begin to knock is a strong  indication of more severe problems -not too far down the road.

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Classic car restorers have recently discovered that original and even aftermarket parts are becoming increasingly scarce with even the most straightforward replacement part has to be individually fabricated – a very time-consuming process .  

Recent developments in 3D scanning and printing have made the process easier and less expesnsive.  

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Ninety years ago, Ford of America opened their first production unit in the UK,  strategically situated in the city of Dagenham.

As ever, Ford did everything on a large scale, investing heavily in a vast and imposing custom-designed production unit overlooking the River Thames.

The UK plant was Ford's largest  unit outside the United States, with its own steel foundry, power station and on-site railroad system.

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