Gordon-Keeble was a "boutique" car manufacturer that rose to prominence in the glory days of the early Sixties.

Gordon Keeble came into their joint venture with advanced and compatible skills gained in the car industry, their financial acumen was sadly lacking, and they struggled from day one due to being undercapitalised.

Despite their almost meteoric rise to prominence in the glamour and optimism of the Sixties, wnen everything seemed possible, Gordon-Keeble crashed and plummeted to eventual failure well before the decade was over.

Although there was some speculation  that a rare alloy bodied Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Alloy Gullwing  would fetch up to nine million at auction, the hammer went down for a highly creditable  $6.8 million (record price for any Gullwing sold at auction) making it  the undisputed star of RM Sotheby's Annual Arizona Sale held at the  Biltmore Resort & Spa in Phoenix,  in the last week of January 2022.

Legislation passed in late September 2021 by the UK Department of Transport has ordered that starting early in  2022, E10 gasoline will now be classed as the standard for 95-octane.
That makes for bad news for classic car owners- among the 600,000  to 700,000 cars considered incompatible with E10, who, in order to protect their classic car engine, will need  to fill their tanks with higher octane 97+ 'Super'  fuels.

A Lancia Fulvia from  way back in 1962 has been finally moved from the same spot where it has been parked in the Italian town of Conegliano,  without moving for more than four decades.

Initially used as a temporary storeroom that became very permanent, the four-door saloon has, over th years, grown to become a much-loved tourist attraction, will now be on display at a museum in the town.     

An almost unique Maserati 5000  was among one of the main talking points  at the recent Gooding & Company's  Geared Online Scottsdale Edition auction held in late January 2022.
The 5000 is one of only three produced  for Maserati  by renowned coachbuilder Carrozzeria Touring  Superleggera of Milan, Italy.
The Maserati 5000 sold for $924,000  the most expensive vehicle sold at the online auction.

Before starting out on a classic car restoration , time should be set aside to make sure that they will have a place to work on their project.

The ideal situation for a budding restorer is a workshop attached or adjacent to their home, preferably one that is rent-free.

With demand for their Mini already braking records BMC wanted an even larger share of the compact car market.

They chose the UK Motor Show in 1961 to launch the Mark I version of the Riley Elf and its almost identical stablemate, the Wolseley Hornet.

The Riley Elf was distinguished from the standard Mini by an extended boot with tiny tail fins

The most obvious property of electricity is that it cannot be seen- for the good or the bad.

Electric current can be quantified – meaning that by keeping track of the levels of current flowing through a car's electrical system, it can be kept track of, hopefully eliminating any damages caused by power surges or current not being able to flow through the vehicle as it was programmed to do.