After close to half a century parked in the same spot in sleepy Italian town, a Lanica Fulvia has finally been " retired" to a local museum.

Lancia Fulvias were a pretty common sight around the streets of Italy and much of Western Europe during the Sixties. 
The model was never a great seller, with just over one hundred thousand produced during their production run. Like every Lancia, the Fulvia was a good looking car and comfortable to drive but far from spectacular.

Yet there is one  Fulvia, the saloon version, that earned a level of fame simply by not moving from the same spot for close to half a century.

This particular Lancia Fulvia four-door saloon went on to become something of a local monument in the sleepy Italian town of Conegliano, in the Veneto region in the North West of the country.

The Lancia's owner, Angelo Fregolent, now  94 years old but still going strong, decided to put his vehicle "out to pasture" in 1974.
At that point, the vehicle was eleven years old and not worth repairing.


Instead of scrapping the vehicle, Fregolent turned it into a "temporary storeroom", conveniently parking it adjacent to the kiosk owned and run by his wife in the city centre.

"Temporary" soon became "permanent", with the vehicle remaining in service as a storeroom till the Fregolent's retired during the Nineties.

Even then, the elderly couple never moved their Lancia from the spot it had taken up for the previous twenty years or so. It is a testament to the region's moderate climate and robustness of the Lancia that the vehicle remained intact and rust-free for another twenty-plus years till it began to capture the attention of the local authorities during 2021.

The authorities set in motion the necessary procedures to remove the vehicle, claiming that the Lancia was obstructing both traffic and pedestrians, a piece of legislation that brought surprising resistance from the local population as well as visitors to the picturesque city, who rushed to be photographed beside the vehicle that never moved.

Eventually, a compromise was reached that led to the Lancia being gently moved and, after a wash and brush up, sent to the Cerletti Oenological School, handily situated close to the Fregolent family home, where it will continue its role as a local landmark -hopefully for the next half a century or even more.

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