Gordon-Keeble was a "boutique" car manufacturer that rose to prominence in the glory days of the early Sixties.

Gordon Keeble came into their joint venture with advanced and compatible skills gained in the car industry, their financial acumen was sadly lacking, and they struggled from day one due to being undercapitalised.

The Gordon-Keeble was a British car company founded by John Gordon and Jim Keeble in 1960. The company produced a limited number of high-performance sports cars between 1964 and 1967,with their most notable model - the Gordon-Keeble GT, which combined a stylish design with advanced engineering features for its time.

Despite their almost meteoric rise to prominence in the glamour and optimism of the Sixties, wnen everything seemed possible, Gordon-Keeble crashed and plummeted to eventual failure well before the decade was over.

The 1957 Fiat Abarth 750 Zagato Double Bubble is a classic and iconic Italian sports car known for its unique design and racing heritage.

Despite being equipped witha small-displacement engine, around 747 cc, Abarth modified these engines to produce impressive power for its time, making them ideal for competitive racing in small-engine classes.

In order to preserve its original aesthetic and promote its overall lifespan a classic car headliner should always be kept in pristine condition,, even after restoration.

Maintaining a classic car headliner requires careful attention and proper techniques .with regular cleaning essential to maintain the cleanliness and appearance of the headliner.

One of the giants of the UK car industry Sir Herbert Austin almost a century ago stated that ‘ Any electrical apparatus is usually regarded by the average person with fear or as somewhat of a mystery.

Sir Herbert knew what he was talking about as even today the average unqualified person remains reluctant to tackle a vehicle's electrical systems.

The first step in restoring a classic car driveshaft is to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the driveshaft to identify any noticeable signs of damage or wear and visible indications of cracks, dents, rust, or manifestations of metal fatigue.

Maintaining a classic car, including its driveshaft, requires a combination of regular inspections, preventive measures, and prompt attention to any issues that arise.

Spark plugs play a very significant role in allowing a classic car engine achieving peak engine performance and efficiency.

The Renault 16 was a highly regarded compact car, first introduced in 1965 that remained in production until 1980.

A highly influential vehicle The Renault 16 introduced numerous pioneering features, among them one of the earliest examples of a modern hatchback car.

This design allowed for increased versatility and practicality, as it provided a large and easily accessible cargo area. Another significant innovation of the Renault 16 was its front-wheel drive

The Renault 16 garnered significant popularity, going on to being named the European Car of the Year in 1966. thanks to 16's effective blend of practicality, comfort, and innovation.

Establishing a classic car restoration workshop requires careful consideration of various tools and equipment to ensure efficiency, safety, and quality in your restoration projects.

For someone who is a beginner to restoration the chances of having a comprehensive set of tools is slim. Meaning that every tool needs to be chosen with great care with a constant eye on the budget. Having a network of friends and associates with tools is a great advantage.

It should always be remembered that the quality of tools purchased is liable to significantly impact the outcome of the restoration project (or projects). Investing in reputable brands and high-quality tools is recommended whenever possible. Additionally, having a well-organized and clean workspace will improve efficiency and make it easier to locate and maintain a set of tools.